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Landlord Leases

Leases have changed dramatically over the years. In the halcyon days there used to be 25 year full repairing leases but it is very different now. You may be a Landlord with a property in prime location where you are still in a strong position but many Landlords are not that fortunate.

We deal with all types of Landlords fromthose holding one property to those with numerous properties, from "reluctant Landlords" such as those with underleases to get rid of surplus accommodation to those where it is their main business.

In the current climateLandlords have to work with tenants and with the proliferation of regulations have to manage their properties much more than they used to do.

Even with the simplest of leases there is a lot of paperwork and with leases having shorter terms we have systems in place to retain the relevant documents so that we are not constantly asking for the same paperwork andretain details of key dates and the main terms of each lease so that if you have a query we should be able to assist

With tenants being reluctant to take full repairing leases, Landlords are having to manage their properties much more - sometimes splitting up aproperty to let in smaller units. If requested we will visit your property and work withyou and your surveyor to draft a lease suitable for you and your tenants and ensure your costs are recoverable via any service charge accounts

We tailor documentation to suit you and your property.

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